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Default Re: High Resolution Music

Originally Posted by David DelGrosso View Post
Yo, JBK...

This is a great idea for music artists that have a loyal following of HD enthusiasts... but it rules out the "old classic" performances, many of which dwarf the current wave of rock artists.

I was praying for Zeppelin I and II restored into a perfect Hi-Rez representation of the original masters... not the latest version of Robert Plant, as he tries to still hit those unbelievable high notes.

And you'll also run into the limitation of the broadcast specs for the "audio" tracks, which is not at the level of the Hi-Def video transmissions.

But someday the ever-expanding matrix of our creative visions and collective minds, will formulate the ultimate Holy Grail solution!

Peace out.


Your prayers have been answered. I was purusing the Gibson Les Paul website and stumbled across a Jimmy Page unofficial website.

You asked for a hi res format of their music...check this link!!

Jimmy Page Online

blu ray and hd dvd plus audiophile re issues of select songs

I'm going to spring for vinyl and hi res!!!

Let me know what you think!

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