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Default Re: Denon AVR3808CI

I just went to the Denon website & a page came up saying,

Click on either of the Denon AVR's to purchase your firmware upgrade.

FirmWare Upgrade - AVR-3808CI
FirmWare Upgrade - AVR-3808CI $100.00
Add FirmWare Upgrade - AVR-3808CI to Cart

FirmWare Upgrade - AVR-4308CI
FirmWare Upgrade - AVR-4308CI $100.00
Add FirmWare Upgrade - AVR-4308CI to Cart

I'm guessing this means the upgrade is now available, I'm holding off because I'm selling my 3808ci to my brother in law & getting a 4308ci so someone else is going to have to be the first to download the upgrade.
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