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Default Pearing Cory Systems Releases Innovative Home Theater PC - MEdiaCOre DLS

Pearing Core Systems has released the much anticipated MEdiaCOre DLS. A full-featured PC in a revolutionary case that's as functional as it is stylish; MECO is the future of home entertainment. Built to resemble a contemporary end table it re-writes the book on computer use in the home.

This brand new form factor allows the computer system to be fully utilized from the sofa. As well as HTPC functions, the MECO allows for full use of all the PC's capabilities.

Before now computers in the living room have been built to resemble audio visual components such as CD players that fit into the A/V rack. This form factor severely limits the use the computer can be put too in the home. The MEdiaCOre does not fit into the A/V rack, it replaces it - beautifully. It's a very different and new way to interact with your computer system. is offline   Reply With Quote