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Default Re: Furutech Introduces Powerflux Power Cord

Originally Posted by Thomas Garcia View Post
I got over the cable voodoo years ago, but this post for some reason hit a nerve... The Furutech Powerflux Power Cord I believe cost about $1,800. Study the science (or lack of) purported by the manufacturer of this cable, then say no to crack! As an audio enthusiast and licensed Electrical Contractor with a PhD Electrical Engineer on board, we focus on cable distribution and power quality management systems daily. These over-priced power cable products are dubious at best. I am amazed that they even exist with today's ability to fact check the claims made. Regards,

Thank you I agree completely they are nuts! But some people believe in that as well as the fact that you need to elevate cables from the floor, magic fluid to spray your CDs with, to make them sound better, silver speaker cables at 10,000 for 6 feet pair and so on.... Total ripoff but hey, if some people are dumb enough to spend their money on bogus stuff it's a free country. And then you wonder why the market is in the states it is in?
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