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Angry Elan Home System Problems

Anyone had a similar experience with Elan Home Systems? All of a sudden all speakers in the house went on with multiple streams of audio coming out. The company I use to do maintenance called Elan and were told to send the main processor back to the factory. Next day they were told they had to send all amplifiers, wall screens and any other Elan equipment back as well. What gives? Sounds like A) they don't know what they are doing b) it's a ruse not to provide maintenance on older systems(Via!) or c) they hate their customers and want to drag them through hell.

Two days ago Elan answered an inquiry and said that their system can only be diagnosed by an "authorized Elan dealer". If service is not provided by an "authorized dealer" they require all components to be shipped to the factory for diagnosis. Strangely enough Elan dealers are hard to find - I wonder why? Talk about restraint of trade!

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