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Default Re: mismatching speakers

I would have to say that matching speakers is very important and at least matching tonal quality and efficiency at minimum. I have a pair of Altec Voice Of The Theater A-7's as well and I love them, even though they are huge. I do not have the room to have all A-7's so I have normal speakers paired up with them, (Polk CS-100 Center and Advent Marbles for the rear). I play plenty of 2 channel sources through the Altecs, but I also play 5.1 sources through the Altecs as well. I would keep those Altec's VOTT's and pair them up with some Klipsch speakers in a 5.1 or 7.1 configuration. I would also get a nice subwoofer to go with the Altec's since they are not crossed over for real low bass. If you want some alternatives speakers to run with your Altec speakers to keep that large live sound, try multiple Klipsch Heresy lll's that would go well with the Altec's IMHO.

Link for Klipsch:

Otherwise you will want something that is as efficient as the Altecs or sale them off and get a complete matching group of speakers with a really good subwoofer if you are going to listen to alot of multi-channel movies.
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