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Default Re: Blu-ray's market share has almost doubled since HD DVD's demise

Originally Posted by wes View Post
Great now all they need is bring the price down for all movies and we will all buy Blu Ray like DVDs. I own about 600 DVDs average price $15

I love Blu Ray as a matter of fact we only watch DVD on an old plasma 50" and Blu Ray on the front projection system 128"d.
I have around 500 DVD's but I haven't watched a DVD since I got my PS3!
yea I wish the price of movies would go down but I also remember it wasn't all that long ago when I was paying $19.99 for new release DVD's!
I buy most of my Blu-Ray movies on sale, I'll pay full price for a movie like Iron Man ($25.95) but all my back catalog movies were on sale, I just ordered Band of Brothers from Amazon (6 Blu-Ray discs) for $59.99, The Band of Brothers DVD sells for $49.99 at Best Buy!

With the sales, Buy 1 Get 1 Free last holiday season & new releases I guess I've averaged $16/$17 each for my 125 movies on Blu-Ray.
The thing I do to save $$ is to buy on line, the B&M stores are $5/$10 higher than on line prices.
I'm expecting a lot more sales this holiday season & that will mean a lot of shipments with Blu-Ray movies arriving at my door!

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