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Well you might consider another alternative.

I used to have the Dac1 DA Converter which is incredible.
I paid almost $1000 for it and had the same issue you have.
I got an Outlaw 990 Home theater pre-amp for my surround sound and found out that the Outlaw had the up-conversion just like the Dac1 and also had a DA chip in it that was the exact same chip as in the Dac1 except a model one step down. The only real diff. in the two was that the Dac1 had a slightly higher signal to noise ratio, (only about 5 db).
After doing a listening test and comparing the 990 pre to the Dac1 I decided you couldn't tell the difference at all; And I'm extremely critical when it comes to my music.
I do side work tracking vocals in Pro-Tools for a studio here in Nashville so I'm used to hearing some extremely good audio.
I think you'd be pleasantly surprised at the sound quality of the Outlaw 990 and your problem will be solved.
Oh, I forgot to mention that the Outlaw 990 has XLR balanced outputs!
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