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Default Re: Need tips on home theater curtains...

Originally Posted by Darren View Post
I live in an apartment at Park La Brea which has a giant expansive window...and blinds that are totally useless. The window faces the sun during the day, making it not only hot, but impossible to watch anything before the sun goes down, even with the blinds closed.

I need to get a curtain to block out the light so I can use the home theater during the day. Any suggestions, preferably inexpensive ones? :-)

I've gotten curtains for the other rooms at place's like Bed Bath & Beyond, Anna's Linens, etc. but the problem is that this window is twice as wide as the typical window area or curtain rod. It's too long for a normal curtain rod, and buying four curtain panels, plus valences, and rigging two curtain rods to overlap will be expensive, clumsy-looking, and will limit the ability to open the curtains all the way to either side to let the daylight in when I wish it.

I'm basically looking for somekind of heavy-duty curtain rod that can run across the entire window with two curtains that can be drawn back to the sides... for cheap. Any options? Thanks!

Here's a link to a similar, Park La Brea apartment layout, so you can see the window I'm up against...
You can always use an aluminum roll to cover the windows! That is the cheapest no very pretty but efficient

Custum curtains with blackout lining work great, my multimedia/family room has giant windows and face south west and the sun makes the room radiate. My blackout blinds from ceiling to floor work wonder. The only issues I found light still leaks through the holes made by the thread where the blackout is sawned on the fabric, that is how much sun I have.

Lutron and Hunter Douglas have also black out blinds with aluminum inside to stop all light.
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