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Default Re: Furutech Introduces Powerflux Power Cord

Originally Posted by wes View Post
Yes, that is why you need to look for HDMi 1.3 certification.
Well, if there were that kind of care and certification with analog cables, than you, I and everybody would hear about it. Instead, we are accosted by video, smoke, and promises of a better transducer in a cable, all the time.

But this doesn't change the physics, which make it impossible to get all frequencies of a signal from one end of a cable to the other with all information arriving at the same time (no phase shift, either), without significant attention to winding, surface area, dielectric, etc. and these are largely responsible for what changes the sound quality of a signal when using analog cables to carry that audio signal.

Optical has none of these problems, and a whole slew of others!

Either way, I choose wireless as the least distorting transmission system!
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