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Thanks for the replies and additional info. Unfortunately, as much as I would love to be able to afford a Theta DAC my lowly systems engineer position doesn't pay well enough to make that a reality so I am forced to make sacrifices on my audio choices.

During one of my many internet searches over the last several days I came across a very interesting DAC that I will probably end up going with. It's a Stage IV modified PS Audio DACIII offered by a company named Cullin Circuits found here:

Cullen has been involved with PS Audio since the beginning and has been granted the ability to produce his own version of the DACIII. All the specs on paper appear very impressive and the price is right up my alley. Thru email I inquired about the possibility of adding an additional SPDIF input in place of one of the other inputs I would never use anyway (USB) and was told it would be no problem. Supposedly this modification would not affect sound quality in any way.

I read a decent review on this modified unit found here:

Has anyone here experienced or heard anything about this unit or company before?

Thanks again for your time
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