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Default Sonic Solutions Makes BD-J Applications for Blu-ray Easier

Sonic Solutions(R) has announced new applications for BD-J creation that eliminate or drastically reduce the amount of hand-programming required to create titles in the advanced interactive mode of the Blu-ray Disc (BD) specification.

Developed in partnership with Sonic(R) Extended Developer Group (EDGe), the new products include BD Fusion from Clickteam (, and BD-J Converter from ASV Corp of Japan. These new EDGe applications allow professional content developers to create sophisticated interactive components such as games without some or all of the traditionally required manual programming in BD-J's Java-based computer language. BD Fusion and BD-J Converter significantly lower the technical barriers to BD-J development for a broad range of new authoring facilities initiating their BD development businesses and drive greater efficiency to BD-J title development in general.

Until now, BD-J interactivity could only be implemented by using computer programmers proficient with the complex Java language. BD Fusion and BD-J Converter take a different approach to make BD-J application development accessible to non-programmers and Animators more comfortable using Adobe's Flash application. BD Fusion is based on Clickteam's proven Multimedia Fusion game creation software, and enables fast and efficient creation of extensive BD-J games and menus via an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. ASV Corp's BD-J Converter is the only BD-J solution to operate as an extension to the popular Adobe Flash authoring environment and automatically converting Flash animations into Java code ready to be integrated into BD projects.

"Our goal with the BD-J Converter plug-in for Adobe Flash is to enable the vast talent pool of professional Animators to leverage the power of BD-J; our partnership with Sonic EDGe has given us a powerful platform to realize this goal," said Yukio Adachi, CEO at ASV Corp. "Through our BD-J Converter plug-in, tens of thousands of professional Animators will have the opportunity to positively contribute to the broad consumer adoption of BD in general because they will be able to more easily create must-see interactive BD titles."

"Sonic's EDGe strategy is to engage with innovative technology companies who share our vision of enabling the most in-depth and creative title creation experience possible. Each of our EDGe partners offer unique solutions that function seamlessly with our industry-standard Scenarist(R) authoring systems, as well as provide a new level of access to a broad range of creative disciplines," said Rolf Hartley, senior vice president and general manager of Sonic's Professional Products Group. "Both BD Fusion and BD-J Converter have the potential to open the BD space to a huge variety of creative titles that otherwise might not be viable." is offline   Reply With Quote