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Exclamation Re: Theta D/A Converters!

Originally Posted by Paul_Riordan View Post
Stand alone DA Converters seem to be a bit of a dying breed. I'm still using my Theta Gen Va

Cyrus DAC X - Digital Inputs - 6 SPDIF (4 coaxial, 2 optical)
Musical Fidelity - Digital inputs 1 USB 1.1 [32, 44.1, 48 kHz sample rates] connection for computer only, 3 S/PDIF (RCA connector)

Hope this helps.
I completely stand behind my Theta Generation VIIIc D/As. They are the single highest resolution, most transparent converter anywhere on the market. And I've tried everything that is commercially, or non-commercially available.

And, they have three S/PDIF inputs, all with superior jitter rejection and reclocking :-)

You could do far worse as the centerpiece of your sound system - but it will cost you :-)

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