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Question Re: Samsung's BD-P1500 Blu-ray player dips under $200

Originally Posted by busyhands View Post
Back to the topic: Amazon's price on the Sony must have been a one-day promotion, because it's already back up to $299. Likewise, if the Samsung at RS only has the $100 price break in the fine print, I would bet that it's going away soon, too.

Bring me a real, full-time under-$200 BD player and I will start considering it (assuming the media goes down, as well).
I'm with ya on the lower media price but why should it matter if you buy a $199 player on sale today or buy one that has the regular price of $199 in a couple of months?
They are both $199 & the $299 one on sale probably is a better player than one that is at $199 as a regular price.
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