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Default Re: Samsung's BD-P1500 Blu-ray player dips under $200

Originally Posted by busyhands View Post
Back to the topic: Amazon's price on the Sony must have been a one-day promotion, because it's already back up to $299. Likewise, if the Samsung at RS only has the $100 price break in the fine print, I would bet that it's going away soon, too.

Bring me a real, full-time under-$200 BD player and I will start considering it (assuming the media goes down, as well).
Price is great. But...what about quality? Is it full 1080P? What kind of UpConVer. if any does the player have! What are the load times? What about _all_ of the new of the Audio out there now! I'll stick with my PS3! Except for analog does it all!!!
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