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Default Re: ML 502 Media Console

First thanks for all your help. If there is any issue here is that there instruction booklet should be written better.

First, there is an easy solution to the blackout Audio controls. THE CURRENT INPUT must be something that lines up with what you want to adjust.

When I was listing with the unit set to “2 Channel” sound, the audio adjustments in 5.1 and 7.2 were grayed out. You have to switch to a 5.1 (or a 7.2) input for those to come up. It took some time but I figured that out.

But this new batch also got the first software update for the machine

Having first the No. 40 and switching to this is a bit like having Windows 98 and switching to XP. That is, they changed the name of a function and where it is, but it is kind of the same function, got you have to look for it.

It is certainly better sounding that the 40, with a lot more options. Again, the instruction booklet is a bit wrong. For example, it give you a “quick” way to start out and set up a DVD player input. But, at least on mine, some of the default video settings are not correct. They should have referred you to this section or shipped the unit with those settings.

I am also comparing it to my 30.6. I have a 31.5 transport and a 30.6 d/a. As far as I can now judge, and I have not had the new unit warmed up yet, it is at least as good as the 30.6 and I think a bit better. This would be great. Making the system simpler would be better.

(A final note on the No 40: The 40 was supposed to hook and link with the 30.6/31.5/32, but it failed miserably at it. I also noticed that although the combination was supposed to use the 30.6 for all left and right functions there was a degrading of sound. That is a 30.6/31.5/32 combination sounded better than a No 40 30.6/31.5/32 combination.)
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