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Update -

The NuForce V2 SE's are plugged into my system (see below)

Esoteric DV-50 (Source)
ARC LS-26 (Line Stage)
Aerial 10T's (Speakers)
Using balanced Sorcerer 4d Audio Magic cables throughout.

First impressions.... wow.

These have some big (and heavy and hot) shoes to fill taking the place of my Levinson 336. So far they are doing an amazing job. Detail is on a whole other level than the 336. I truly am hearing things in recordings that I haven't before.

I was concerned that the bass performance would not be up to snuff considering how power hungry my Aerials are. That fear is long gone, what is crazy is that the bass actually digs deeper and is faster than the Levinson - which is absolutely shocking to me.

Vocals are smooth and sweet. Forgot to mention that I have NEVER heard a blacker background.... ever.

The big guys truly have something to worry about with these little 14 lb amps.

Back to listening.
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