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Exclamation BD is as soon as DEAD!

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Have you not heard of bandwidth caps?
Until internet speeds get fast enough for quick downloads at a cheap price without caps, HD downloads doesn't have a chance.
I'm not paying $15 for a compressed HD download with lossy audio that's full of DRM, takes 8 hours to download & pretty much wipes out my monthly download cap.
I can down-load unlimited material (through Optonline - CT Cablevision) at 1.7 MegaBytes per second (even though they say 30 MBPS - LIARS!!!) to the tune of $1200 a year, and this is sufficient to watch LOST in 720P free of charge - plus all the other HD based material (both for sale and as a free exhibition), which is better than I can see quality wise on HD ABC-TV, through HD Antenna, Cable, or Satellite!

Now if you want to talk about the future . . .
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