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Default THIEL ships 3.7 speakers

I can't belive how expensive these have gotten over the years. I sold the THIEL 3.6's for $4,000 in the mid-1990's. I guess Wilson WATT Puppies have done the same thing starting at $12,000 per pair around 1990 and now costing $24,000 per pair.


THIEL Audio Announces Delivery of CS3.7 Loudspeakers

August, 2007 (Lexington, KY) — US loudspeaker company THIEL Audio has announced that the much anticipated CS3.7 floor standing 3-way loudspeaker is now shipping to authorized dealers. The CS3.7 utilizes all newly developed drivers, including a 5-inch ribbed midrange diaphragm that eliminates audible resonances while simultaneously reducing diffraction and reflection of energy from the very high output 1-inch tweeter. The 10-inch woofer diaphragm geometry increases strength while lowering overall mass for wider bandwidth and higher efficiency. The output of the woofer is augmented by an auxiliary bass radiator. “My goal in designing the CS3.7 was to achieve a level of performance greater than any previous product,” says Jim Thiel. “To achieve that goal the 3.7 incorporates all we have learned, every innovation we have developed over the last 30 years, and adds to that several exciting, newly developed solutions to some of the most difficult challenges confronting the loudspeaker engineer. It is this pursuit of the highest possible sound quality that motivated me to begin THIEL, and it is still my passion.” The enclosure of the CS3.7 abounds with innovations as well—the cabinet top is made of formed aluminum that lessens cabinet resonances, diffraction, and serves to reduce internal standing waves. The bent-laminated side panels are extremely rigid and the driver mounting surface (baffle) is machined aluminum. MSRP for the CS3.7 is $9900 per pair.
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