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Default Re: $269 Blu-Ray player from Memorex

Uh no. These are $299 units. Try again. These are discounts, not official pricing. Amazon is trying to rid itself of the older units. Radioshack is trying to get business. Both are breaking even selling the units at $199.

The Funai players are $269 MSRP (again save $11 at Sam's Club and Costco).

See the difference? Thus my comment that during the Holidays they may be discounted to around $220. I don't see actual official pricing dropping to $199 until next Spring. Right now they have to increase production of a few units used to manufacture the players and thus reduce manufacturing costs. Right now a $199 player is impossible. It's even impossible for a company that eliminates the middle man like Emotiva and Outlaw (both have looked into it).

If Sony dropped the unit to $199 officially to get rid of the rest of the units then you'd have a legit sub $200 unit. However it would be temporary.
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