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Default Re: Best AV Receiver for Music

Originally Posted by Scotty View Post
Thanks for all of the feedback guys.

I'm really leaning towards the Denon 3808CI. I have a Denon 2800 now (about 8 years old). The music performance is pretty good, but like the reviews of all Denons, it is not intuitive at all and the remote basically sucks, but I can get by with it. The non-technical folks in my home (i.e. wife) can't use it at all. But I'm able to get it for $1,098 on a retail price of $1,699.

Anyone have any experiences with the Denon 3808?

I have some experience with the unit. I suggested it last year to a friend when it came out. He bought it, enjoyed it and replaced it last month with a Sherwood Newcastle R-872. The reason he replaced it was stereo playback. He had an opportunity to hear an R-872 in another persons home and was impressed with the audio. When he found out how cheap they are he went and replaced his Denon.

I believe all the Newcastles come with really nice universal remotes as well or at least they used to.

The 3808 has an interesting remote but it's not very intuitive. Their new OSD (on screen display) is pretty nice though.

I generally have these suggestions:

Budget less than $1300: Sherwood Newcastle (for a year it wasn't an option but the new units are out with HD audio codecs like the R872 and R772).

Budget less than $2000: NAD.

Budget less than $4000: Arcam.

Budget over $4000: Separates.

My personal experience has been that Onkyo, Yamaha, Denon, and Marantz are really good at putting out product that has all the bells and whistles while some of the other guys worry more about Sound Quality or Picture Quality or both.

Since you're looking to spend around $1,100 I'd suggest you demo the Sherwood Newcastle and the Denon. If music is really the priority for you, I'm pretty sure you'll decide on the Newcastle (their parent company actually manufactures the Denon receivers too).
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