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Default Re: Best AV Receiver for Music

Wow. Some crazy advice here. Onkyo? Yamaha? Marantz (ok they are above average at music).

Best AV Receiver for music? That is simple: ARCAM. There is no substitute. If you don't want to spend as much the new Sherwood Newcastle R872 is amazing for the money. NAD is another decent choice. Rotel isn't a bad choice either.

Emotiva supposedly has a Sunfire Receiver clone, that is all the same stuff for thousands less. Not sure how up to date it is.

If you're looking for a NETWORK input then Arcam's new Receivers all have the option. The problem? The first new receiver doesn't come out until November and is $4,000. The other receivers (and their new pre-pros) won't be out until next Spring.
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