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Default Re: Shunyata Research

Bringing this post back from the dead to provide some info on my experience with this brand.

I recently purchased a Hydra 6 from Shunyata and have been very happy with the improvements it has made in my system. The Hydra 6 is only servicing my front end components as I believe it's not really meant to handle high current amplifiers being hooked up to it. Along with the Hydra 6 I am also using a Shunyata Python Helix power cable, a dedicated 20amp circuit with 10 gauge wiring and an AV Grade PS Audio receptacle. Also to note, these upgrades were introduced into the system independent of each other. The dedicated 20amp circuit, wiring and receptacle came after the Hydra 6/Python combo.

The Hydra 6/Python combo has successfully revealed new details in every song that I have played thru my system so far; even before the dedicated line came into play. I never thought that the sound of silence would be so noticeable but when the music passages become quite I can hear finite details that were certainly missing/masked before.

The benefits of introducing a dedicated circuit into your system are well documented and in my case this upgrade has done wonders in firming up bass response and adding more volume to the system on musical transients. During a very unscientific test I noticed that having the volume control set to the same position on my preamp as it was before the dedicated line now seems to produce a higher SPL in the listening room after the upgrade. I guess those results aren't too much of a shocker considering the fact that I now have a 10gauge wire going from the power panel in the basement all the way to the Hydra 6. This is possible thanks to the Python Helix cord also using a 10gague internal wire.

Based on my experience with the Shunyata products I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to extract those last few musical details that were there all along but are going unnoticed in their system.
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