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Default which receiver??

I want to purchase either some used NHT 3.3's or NHT classic fours.I have about 1300 to spend on a receiver and i'm wanting to keep it down to one componet hopefully with 7.1 or 5.1 surround.Dont really have the cash for pre-amps and high end gear etc. etc. One peice of gear that caught my interest is the marantz SR6003.I'm unable to determine if this unit has 6 ohm capability as if i recall most or all NHT speakers are 6 OHM.Is this unit a good choice? Or perhaps i should match the marantz with some klipsch RF-7's or old school Lascalas off of EBAY?Basically my choice of speaker is either the NHT's i mentioned or vintage lascala's or RF-7's.NHT first and if i cannot find a unit that will work well with the NHT speakers within my budget then i need to decide which klipsch speaker to mate with the marantz for mainly music playback by CD IPOD,and Phono
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