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Default Re: Led Zeppelin Live on DVD-Audio

Originally Posted by blownrx7 View Post
I agree with you 100% on this one. A live album that is nothing special musically or audiophile-wise sounds a lot like "cheap music company ripoff" that will do nothing for them in the long run. Where is LZ 1, II, III etc ??? Wouldn't they sell far more just because fans want to supplement their collections or new listeners want to find out what all that 70's popularity was about???
In fact, I'll never understand the dearth of Rock and Roll DVD-A's and SACD's compared to the overwhelming # of jazz and classical discs.
Let's see, ignore the vast majority of music buyers by pigeon-holing mainstream listeners/buyers into being uncaring about music quality and you guarantee that it happens that way...
Led Zeppelin 1-IV plus Houses of the Holy and Physical Graffiti would sell as a set. The Zep box set sold well MOSTLY to people who had all of the music already.

Let me ask you this question and to everyone else out there - if WEA put out EVERY Zeppelin record touched up for high res audio, with PRO MP3 files (copy protected) and video as well as live supplementals - are you telling me you couldn't find a way to convince Santa to put that under the tree for you this Holiday season?
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