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Default Re: DirecTV HD DVR:It's your receiver!

Interesting! When I complained to DirecTV about the poor quality of the HR21 compared with my older Samsung receiver they said it was the first they had heard of someone who wasn't pleased with the 'improvement' MPEG4 is over MPEG2. They obviously discourage comparisons of OTA with their broadcast as evidenced by the lack of an OTA connection on their latest receivers. It's really no contest. OTA is by far the better picture.

The absence of an OTA antennae input may be cause enough for me to have to switch to some other service as I live in Oklahoma and need to see the weather warnings, especially during tornado season. My RPTV is only 4 years old and although is an HD capable monitor, it only includes an NTSC tuner, so I've been using the one built into the sat box. The loss of satellite signal during storms is literally a killer.

They recently pulled a fast one on me. When I first downgraded from the Samsung to the HR21 I complained about the lack of OTA antennae input and they agreed to keep my old receiver active as a backup. Recently, during a thunderstorm I tried to switch to the Samsung and discovered that it had been deactivated. I don't know how long its been inactive because the last time I used it was during the NBA playoffs.
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