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Default Re: Best AV Receiver for Music

I have different opinions about receivers and don't like any that have been mentioned, however I have not heard them all. My area of expertiese is in getting digital sound from a computer to sound it's best when played through an external DAC and into your stereo. Long story short, at least try a Trends Audio UD-10.1 converter to take the digital signal from the USB out (or other) and convert it to a high quality digital coax or optical cable then into your DAC. Do this using the optional battery pack to power the Trend unit. It improves air, space, and realism immeasurable. Without the battery pack, the USB power is used and it doesn't help that much. They give 2300mA rechargable AAA batteries, but I find a seprate charger and some 2700 - 2850 AAA ones do a much better job. A great product for under $200. The cable choice is yours but a Kimber USB cable and a pretty good Audioquest digital cable at a minimum will really pay off.
Good luck
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