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Default ReQuest Introduces HD Interface for Whole-Home Music Systems

ReQuest has recently introduced a new graphical user interface (GUI) for its iQ whole-house music system, and now introduces the GUI for use with the N-Series and F-Series media servers as well. The HD-TV GUI is a simple yet powerful wide-screen interface that delivers total control of system operation through clear, intuitive, icon-based commands displayable on any large-screen television that accepts 720p or higher signals.

“The HD GUI delivers crisp, great-looking 16:9 images and fast, incredibly easy response, thanks to its big, 720p HD output and wonderfully simple on-screen interface,” says ReQuest’s CEO, Peter Cholnoky. “The user needs just five commands—Up, Down, Left, Right, and Enter—to perform any operation, which can be issued by virtually any available IR remote controller. There’s no learning curve to climb because navigation and use are entirely self-prompting,” Cholnoky concludes.

The new ReQuest HD TV GUI allows users to navigate all the sources and control functions of their ReQuest system on-screen in 720p format via any HDTV, with fast, “pop-up/down” response. Any conventional infrared remote control can provide command of the TV-GUI using simple, easily learned (or programmed) directional-cursor codes. ReQuest also provides a full library of discrete control codes and code sets, including the all-important operating and music-programming functions, for installers or users who wish to integrate more complex control schemes.

Using the HD TV GUI, the user can select music genres, choose and build playlists, or search content by album, track or artist, using new, faster algorithms—including a very cool function for scrolling through album cover-art. The HD-TV GUI delivers access to AM/FM, XM and Sirius satellite, or Net-streaming radio including FineTune™ streamed-to-order stations, via presets or search, as well as the ability to browse and view photo collections. It also incorporates ReQuest’s “widgets”—informative software nuggets such as weather, stock ticker, and webcam or local-network security-cam windows—that run on the host server.

The new HD-TV GUI is compatible with any 720p-capable screen. Graphics are delivered via the server’s VGA output, so typical installation requires an inexpensive VGA-component converter such as the Audio Authority Model 9A60, or other means of accepting or converting VGA signals. Typical installations will also include an IR extender, permitting users to aim their remote intuitively at the screen. The ReQuest HD-TV GUI is incorporated into ReQuest operating system v4.6.3, available now from all authorized ReQuest dealers and installers as well as via online updates directly from the server. is offline   Reply With Quote