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Cool Re: Best AV Receiver for Music

Originally Posted by Scotty View Post
Confused - much info out there. Thought I'd turn it over to you experts System upgrade - having trouble deciding on the receiver. My focus is on the best stereo sound - I will be streaming digital music from either a networked PC or a USB drive. I want networking, USB (obviously), 7.1, and basic zoning. I want 5.1 surround for watching movies and I want it to sound good - but I will sacrifice on this end to make up for the best sounding music. Suggestions?
It all depends how much you want to spend here are three options, but first forget AV receivers and go with separate.

Option one: Bang for the buck: EMOTIVA
Emotiva UMC-1 Audio/Video Processor price: $699
Emotiva XPA-3, 3 Channel Amplifier ($649)
Emotiva XPA-2, 2 Channel Amplifier ($799)

Option Two: Audiophile Classé
Classé SSP-800 ($8,000)
Classé CA-5200 ($10,000)

Option Three: Money is no problem Mark Levinson
Mark Levinson Nº 502 Media Console
Mark Levinson Nº 436 Power Amplifier (5 or 7)
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