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Default Re: Is the Toshiba HD-A20 the best HD DVD Player yet?

The release is going up today, but Toshiba PR agency has officially announced the release of the 3rd generation players. Looks like the A3 ($299) and the A35 ($499) will be released in October and the A30 ($399) will be released in September.

HD DVD doesn't have much in the way of titles mainly because only Universal is putting titles out exclusively on the HD DVD format. The other studio producing the HD DVD format titles is Warner Bros. However, about a month or so after they began to release HD DVD titles in 2006, they began releasing their titles in both formats.

Blu-ray on the other hand has Sony and Disney/Buena Vista releasing solely in Blu-ray and the here and there titles from Paramount. That's in addition to the Warner Bros titles. Thus, the healthy volume of titles.

Anyway, none of this means that there is a large supply of worthwhile titles on the market, only that Blu-ray has the leg up on Blockbuster movies being released in their format.
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