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Cool Re: Music on Blu-ray

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Music on Blu-rayLooks like Bob Dylan isn't the only guy releasing music on Blu-ray discs!! from Engadget,

Universal Music Group's Blu-ray schedule starts with The Police: Certifiable concert album

Universal Music Group's longtime support of the Blu-ray format finally gets some teeth November 24, when The Police: Certifiable, a live set recorded in Buenos Aires, hits the shelves. To draw attention to its 25 releases scheduled for the rest of this year (and 20 more due in January), Music Week says it and other format backers are sponsoring a Music on Blu-ray event September 25 in London to get the ball rolling. 109 minutes of Sting & friends celebrating their 30th anniversary? We're there, again.

Vinyl, K7 Tapes, CD, SACD, DVD-Audio, Download, and now Blu Ray; Well how about we all buy 7 versions of the same music, that is what you call repeat business !

I have to say I have been a sucker for the Stones in each format except DVD-Audio
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