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Default A New HD format from Sim2, better than Blu-ray?

Just when you thought the format war was over:

The high-def disc format war is over, right? Well, don't tell that to Entertainment Experience, a start-up company that hopes to launch a new high-def disc format in partnership with Sim2, the manufacturer of high-end Home Theater projectors. Video Business reports that the companies announced last week at the CEDIA convention in Denver that it would introduce the new format in January, aiming its sights at the Blu-ray high-def disc.

Blu-ray defeated rival HD DVD earlier this year after a bitter 18-month-long battle that finally concluded when the major studios sided overwhelmingly with Blu. The format war slowed high-def disc sales and forced the CE industry to lower player prices faster than anticipated. Consequently, Video Business reports, the studios are likely to be reluctant to embrace this new format.

“This high-def alternative is bull; it’s all about Blu-ray,” one industry source told Video Business. “They’re grasping at straws. The entire industry is all behind Blu-ray.” Entertainment Experience officials said at CEDIA that Sim2 projection TVs would be bundled with the new high-def discs, which are likely to cost around $40.
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