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Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
Hey jbk, you are right, there are differet price ranges, designs, makes, quality, all out assaults, etc. But I`m sure within your time as a music enthusiast, that something came across your path, that either blew your mind, or you said to yourself, those amps or that amp sounded great.

Or better yet, if money was not an issue, what would jbk pick up?
Silver Supra,

I'll have to be a little evasive on this one...

It would depend on whether I stayed with the two channel setup I have or move to a multi-channel hi resolution system.

On the former, I always think in terms of system synergies. Right now I have a Krell KST100 and VTL 5.5 pre. So if I replaced the Krell with a big dollar amp then I would have to replace the PreAmp, too. Probably the whole chain of electronics.....having said that

I like the Lamm amps. I didn't care for the MBL I heard, too YIN.

VTL's are very nice but border on the YIN side. I haven't heard the Krell evolution series yet.

My goal setting up a system for music is having a neutral system. Nothing embellishing the sound and nothing be subtracted from the software be it CD, SACD or vinyl. After all we don't know how the album was recorded or what the artist's intention was when he recorded. And, I don't think that you can consider studio music "real live music" per's not going to sound like that played live unless you're Pink Floyd....

If I went with the multi channel setup. I would be price conscious(unless I won the lottery) and probably go with the Anthem Statement Reference processor and mulit channel amp. But this would be for a hi resolution home theater setup because I haven't heard a good music only multichannel setup yet.

And, just to ruffle everyones feathers. I still fell that multi channel music is a little like the old Quadraphonic mumbo jumbo. Just a marketing ploy to get our money. After all, when you go listen to live music the band or group is on stage right in front of you. I don't know how anyone can capture the ambiance of the music by placing microphones around a studio. The multi channel cd's isn't like listening to BB King with his band on Stage at the New Jersey State Theater in New Brunswick!! I don't see how the live performance can be reproduced by multi channel recordings in a studio.

So what I like is neutral equipment if there is such a thing. And, my system to approximate live music if the medium is up to it.

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