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Default Re: Blu-Ray vs DVD sales

Nielsen numbers for week ending 9/7/08

From Engadget

After slacking and missing last week's Nielsen VideoScan chart, courtesy of Home Media Magazine, we're back for more -- believe us, you didn't miss much. For the second week in a row sales are up, so much in fact that we haven't seen revenues this high for Blu-ray since Jumper was released in June. While last week's increase was due to The Nightmare Before Christmas, this week the Blu-ray release of Transformers easily killed the competition. This one title easily accounts for DVD revenues going down, while Blu-ray's going up. So while this isn't really an indication future success, this holiday season will be when the big Hollywood DVD and Blu-ray titles are all released day-and-date with each other. We expect about the same results that week -- although not at this degree -- as there are some more great catalog catchup titles for Blu-ray that have been available on DVD for ages .
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