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Default Geek Squad calibration

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
So Rex, have you had anybody over yet??
Well, since you ask, I will go ahead and explain what happened with the Geek Squad calibration service. The Geek arrives wearing a uniform with an ISF patch on the shoulder. First, using an HDMI signal generator, he adjusts the grayscale from the WB submenu to achieve 6500K for a couple of different brightness points. Then he exits the service menu and adjusts the user settings. He does not know anything about blue mode, and insists on doing this by looking thru a filter. He then switches over to the other two HDMI inputs and copies all of the same settings over, and says he is done. The whole thing takes about half an hour, 45 minutes, tops.

One problem is that changing the user settings (color, tint, brightness, etc.) will affect the grayscale. This is why a proper calibration should involve several iterations of readjusting the grayscale until no further improvement is possible. He also did not calibrate the color accuracy from the CCA submenu. (It is possible to have the colors off while the the grays are accurate.) Nor did he adjust the gamma. (Gamma is a correction used to compensate for the nonlinearity of the luminance curve.) When I asked him about this, he just said this is the way the ISF trained them to do it. When I asked if white would still be 6500K, after changing the user settings, he said it would; but he declined to test it, since he was behind schedule and had to get to his next appointment.

In conclusion, I don't think my picture is any worse than it was before; but it also clearly is not as good as it could be. A proper full-blown calibration involving multiple iterations of grayscale, color, and user setting adjustments would take many hours to complete, especially if it were to all be done over again with each separate input, and more than one ambient lighting condition (i.e. daytime and nighttime viewing). Since BB schedules many calibrations per day, with travel time he can spend no more than an hour, or so, at each visit. I don't really blame the tech. I believe that, as he says, he is just doing what he was trained to do. Unfortunately most consumers will never suspect that their displays are capable of much more.

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