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Default Re: What movie will bring out the potential of my player?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I haven't played Transformers in uncompressed yet (watching it once was enough for me!) but that is interesting to hear. I will have to re-rent it and try it both ways to see for myself as it seems counter intuitive that uncompressed high bit rate audio would sound worse (well, actually have less bass extension) than compressed DD and DTS.

I will try to post back if and when I remember to do so....
10-4...That's a big debate over at the BD forum. I can't really participate because when I saw the movie - like you, once was more than enough. I actually slept through the big battle because the movie was ruined way before then. I'm a Transformers fan from the '80 and some things you should just leave alone. Let me know how the experiment turns out !
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