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Default Re: Best Vinyl Cleaning machine around $1000

Originally Posted by Theodore View Post
I have some friends, working for a HiFi magazine here in Greece, who had tested the ELP player and told me that it was good, BUT there was a lot of noise.
Is there any cleaning machine, capable of "quieting" this player,or is it wasting of time (and money?)
Well, this is a tough problem.....

A record cleaning machine is a sort of vacuum machine to suck the fluid off the album. Is your vacuum silent? No. Neither are most RCM's, until you really shell out huge $$$.

I am still in the 'playing' phase of my new TT, but am loving it so much I will very likely add a high end rig to my main system soon, and that will require additions to the AV rack, and AudiAV Crystal ( and likely the cleaning machine and possibly a separate two channel pre........

I think I will be buying the VPI 16.5. Many people seem to agree it is the best bang for the buck, and many like it more than the 17 as it allows you to manually clean the surface.
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