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Default Re: Cleaning machines - VPI HW-16.5

Originally Posted by pws442 View Post
Yes, I am extremely happy. Curious how long the vacuum tube felt(?) will last, and haven't decided what to do with the two other bottles of fluid that came with the package.

Does anyone think it is worth using the cork pad that came with the cleaner for the first side, and then swapping it out with the additional one that came with the package for the other side: A GOOD THING?

Or just hype?

But how would the pad go bad anyway?
My understanding is the second cork pad is so the 'just cleaned' side of the album doesn't see the dirt from the second side....

I seems really anal to me, if you clean each side as you prepare to play it, then it won't be necessary. If you want to clean all your albums once, it is likely a good idea, but for me seems cumbersome. M. Fremer of Stereophile recommended this, and everyone seems to have latched onto it.

How have you been enjoying the VPI 16.5??? I am looking to get one soon, just curious...
Ken Taraszka, MD
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