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Default Re: Blu-Ray vs DVD sales

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
A good week for Blu-Ray

From Engadget,

Wow, are we bad at making predictions of what the Nielsen VideoScan charts -- courtesy of Home Media Magazine -- are going to do. We thought we were going to see another ho-hum week like the last few, and then Batman went and made us fall out of our chair by single handily giving Blu-ray the best week it's ever had in the four months we've been tracking the market share. Another first this week is something that Hollywood expects to see more often -- but is too early to call a trend -- is the fact that while DVD sales are down for the week, Blu-ray is up. Now we realize right up front that a big part of the reason for this is because Batman Begins has been out on DVD for, forever, and was just released for Blu-ray this week. But you can take a look at Batman: Gotham Knight and see that head to head, the new release netted the same result as the overall share at 12 percent. This can only be a good sign for Blu-ray in regards to the future of packaged media, but again we'll remind everyone that 7 of the top 20 titles on DVD are not available on Blu-ray. Looking forward, most of the new releases should be available on Blu in the coming months, so we'd be very surprised if Blu-ray couldn't keep up this pace going into the holiday season where it really looks like it'll have the opportunity to take off.

I did my part by buying batman begins & the new Rambo as well as master & commander & the Mission impossible trilogy that was on sale at Amazon.

I don't know about everyone else but give me the movies I want & I'll buy them, price the back catalog right & I'll get them too!
All good points!!!! One more reason (a few of my technically oriented friends including a TV station engineer agree with me heer) is that some of the Blu-Ray discs look like crap (as also noticed is some major mags.)! I've seen a few that I rented from Blockbuster hoping to see a vast improvement over my regular DVD (upconverted) and boy..what junk! No diff.! Horrible blacks; sunburned looking skintones, etc,. etc.,! Almost afraid to upgrade my current disc library? Thank goddness for some if the better reviews on Amazon.Com!!
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