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Default Re: Copyright Regulations for copying music programs, etc.

I think you are missing their point. You are not allowed to give away your copy of a licensed product, let's say CD in this case, without also giving away to the same person the original licensed product too. As soon as you give your copy to someone else but retain the original licensed product you have violated the license agreement and DMCA. That copy is now no longer under your "personal use" and thus is not legal. So you may not give away your copy to charity and retain the original but you may give both to charity.

As I mentioned previously, 17 USC 1008 is the appropriate statute. What the RIAA wants and what the law actually is may not be the same thing.

Originally Posted by The Kipnis Studios View Post
Did this thread fall by the wayside?

This, in particular is very disturbing:

"The copy is just for your personal use. Its not a personal use in fact, its illegal to give away the copy or lend it to others for copying." - RIAA

I'm sorry, but if it's my personal copy, then I can do anything I like with it, including give it away - to charity!

There is no litigation to back up what they are saying, here, and just saying it with great vigor does not make it law!
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