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Default Re: High Resolution Music

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
I and my friends, would spend hours, listening to music in our parents homes that had a basement, have a beer, and listen to music. Who does that now??
Those WERE the days!

I'll never forget the first time I listened to Electric Ladyland through my Koss Pro-4AA headphones. It felt like Jimi was re-arranging the neuro-transmitters in my brain... and this was BEFORE I had discovered anything beyond beer and Southern Comfort (we love you, Janis!)

And for me, 5.1 surround re-mixing re-kindled that feeling of "wandering inside" the dreams of amazing music artists, who could transport me miles away from the daily grind.

And to this day, I still blow people away every time I sit them down to listen to a great 5.1 music mix with NO picture. The experience is so inspiring, that the newbies react as if they have "never heard music before"!!

To me, it's downright tragic that the "sales" do not currently justify the investment to bring more of the truly "classic" recordings back into the limelight!

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