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Default Sony's HomeShare Multi-room system Distributes over CAT5e Cable

Sony is making it easier for installers to integrate and consumers to use distributed music and high-definition video throughout the home with the new HomeShare™ HD multi-room entertainment solution. Designed to expand the residential installation market by removing unnecessary costs and increasing consumer benefits, HomeShare is an entertainment and intercom system that delivers up to 16 zones of entertainment (four zones of HD video) to any room in the home via standard CAT5e wiring.

"HomeShare delivers on the promise to installers of affordable plug-and-play high-definition entertainment throughout the home," said Neal Manowitz, director of marketing for Sony Electronics' Digital Imaging and Audio Division. "Because of the unique architecture, HomeShare can address a wide range of installation projects from a high definition home theater with a second zone of HD video to a whole house entertainment system enabling access to all content from virtually anywhere."

"Whether it's watching an HD movie in the bedroom from a Blu-ray Disc™ player located in the home theater, picking a playlist from an iPod or selecting a station on Sirius/XM satellite radio, HomeShare is easy to install and easy to use."

Connected using economical standard CAT5e wiring, HomeShare is designed to meet the demands of consumers seeking a wide range of custom installation options. The HS-KP1 keypad features a large 4.3-inch LCD screen to display Sony's award winning XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) () inspired graphical user interface. The system allows for four high definition video sources to be connected via CAT5e.

Using Sony's Digital Media Port technology, a portable audio device, such as an iPod can be connected and controlled over CAT5e with full two-way content navigation delivered to the keypad. With the local audio Wallport, each room also has access to a local source.

When the system is connected to one of Sony's ES receivers, users can access and control their home theater with full two-way communication and content navigation anywhere in the system. Each keypad features built-in IR pass-through, allowing users full control of sources such as Blu-ray Disc movies and high-definition content from cable/satellite set-top boxes. Additionally, with IR-in and discreet controls, HomeShare can be integrated into a variety of third party control systems.

Also featuring intercom with a front door video camera input, the system allows users to see who's at the front door from any room equipped with a HomeShare keypad. The system's intercom function also allows users to select specific rooms in which to communicate with. And the room monitor, with a second video camera input, makes it easy to keep an ear and eye on the baby.

The HomeShare system includes:
HS-KP1 Keypad
HS-MB1 Distribution Panel
HS-WV1 Audio/Video Wallport
HS-AC1 Power Supply
HS-WA1 Local Audio Wallport
HS-WD1 Digital Media Wallport to connect a DM Port iPod dock

HomeShare will be available early next year through Sony's network of installing dealers. Typical installed consumer pricing is expected to be between $1,000-2,000 per room. is offline   Reply With Quote