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Default HELP! Will My 7.1 Rear Speaker Set-UP Work My Room?


I am a novice so please bear with me! My room is (W13ft x L11.8ft x H7.8ft), and I have limited options on where to place my rear speakers - I already have a 7.1 speaker set which I thought was required for a 7.1 av amp and to make use of the new HD sound formats. The back wall is 13ft wide and my listening position is right up against it so I have to place two speakers about 4ft to 5ft apart on this back wall & two further rear speakers on the side walls facing inwards. Again, due to limited mounting options, I can only really place all rears high up at where the walls & ceiling meet.

I would like to ask, if this will work or is suitable for my room, if it will not sound any good or just totally mess the sounds up? I was trying to future proof myself once and for all as once all the wiring is done, I will not have the option of changing it without having to strip the whole room again! I have posted a pic below so you can all get an idea of what I mean! Many thanks!

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