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Default Re: Blu-ray will completely dry up within five years time

Originally Posted by rex View Post
It's interesting when even two big supporters of Blu-ray predict its downfall in the near future.
First off where does he get that Sony is predicting Blu-Rays downfall from them saying Blu-Ray "is the end of the road for optical technology, At the same time they also claimed it would be around for years to come, providing plenty of capacity and versatility for quite a while."
That sounds to me like they are saying that it's going to take a whole new technology to beat Blu-ray & that's nowhere near them predicting Blu-rays downfall!

While nothing lasts forever I think Blu-Ray has a lot more than 5 years left!
I know Samsung is bringing out web connected TV sets & they want everyone to buy down loadable movies in high definition but that is not going to kill optical discs for a long time.
The quality will not be as good as Blu-ray in audio or video because it'll need to be compressed (it took me 7 hours to download a 1080p movie from DirecTV & it was only a 1 1/2 hour movie)
Also companies are putting caps on your internet & a couple of movies may be all you can download a month.

I don't think DVD or Blu-Ray is going anywhere until we get 4K resolution.
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