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Default Re: Universal player - Multi-channel HDMI question - MY 1ST POST!

Really, the state of the art will change that dramatically over the course of one CEDIA Expo? Do you know of something new that is being released?

My Speakers are Martin Logan Statement E2's and my amps are Spectron Musician 3 MK2's. My Preamp is the BAT REX and My Phono Preamp is the VK-10SE with Superpak upgrade. I am using a Shanling CD-300 for Digital and a Clearaudio Master Solution with Master TQ-1 arm and Stradivari Cart for Analog duties.

Surround speakers are ML ReQuests and center channel is handled by Dual ML Stylos speakers. JVC RS2 with RS-VP2 processor for the video. Stewart Firehawk with vertical masking for the screen.

I'm using the BAT REX with analog passthrough for all music duties as it just sounds like music should to me. For multichannel I want a processor that sounds good and will allow me to relegate all 2 channel to the BAT. In fact, is it possible to buy a processor that will allow me to run my front two channels through the BAT while SIMULTANEOUSLY running the other channels through itself? Then I could use the BAT for 2 channel and Multichannel.

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