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Default Re: Turntable shopping.. any help?

Originally Posted by wes View Post
Well I am not sure I am ready to embark in this as I would need to buy new albums as well my music server is so convenient, may be in twenty years when I retire
Again, I hear you. I must admit to an abiding affection for my LP12 - It's been with me since I was 17, and has been lovingly maintained and upgraded every since, over the past 21 years. Aside from some records I found in my parents' garage, I don't think I've owned anything longer.

I too love using a music server. It's interesting the different way I personally listen with both of these technologies though. With vinyl, I tend to put it on and listen all the way through both sides of a record. Of course this is only partly because it sounds so good - it's also because it's a hassle to get up and change tracks or change the record after only one side! But the point is that I end up listening deeper into a particular record and tend to look at it as a whole.

With a music server, I end up browsing for something and playing it, but then finding all kinds of other stuff and saying "man, haven't heard THAT in a long time! Let's play that next". So I end up skipping all over the place, going shallower into a given recording, but much deeper into that artist's work or across more artists work than I would w/ vinyl or cd.

There is a time and mood for both, that's for certain, so I am very happy to see some truly outstanding music servers showing up now...In fact, my next purchase will no doubt be a Linn Akurate DS.
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