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Default CasaTools Launches CasaTunes Hardware for Multiple Room Audio

This Summer, CasaTools is introducing two new PC based whole house audio solutions, the CasaTunes XLi (i for internal) and the CasaTunes XLe (external). Both solutions share our award winning CasaTunes software and an advanced DVD-audio quality PCI-e sound card with a built-in matrix switch that has the capability to scale from six to forty-eight rooms.

To complete your installation, simply add a multi-channel amplifier and speakers of your own choice.

What is the CasaTunes XLi card?
A Six Zone Five Source Matrix Switch on a PCI-e card
CasaTunes XLi consists of a PCI-e card that plugs into your PC or Media Center PC. The only other hardware equipment required is a multi-channel amplifier and speakers installed in each of the rooms of your home. The XLi card offers an advanced DVD-audio quality sound output with a built-in matrix switch and preamplifier circuits built on the card.

The XLi card can play your music in up to 6 separate rooms in the home. The stereo outputs that feed your multi-channel amplifier are labeled Z1 through Z6 on the XLi bracket. Each output consists of a 3.5mm pre-amplified high impedance output stereo jack. Using the CasaTunes software (which is provided with the XLi), you can control the Volume, Balance, Bass, Treble and Loudness Compensation settings for each room.

The XLi includes four built-in music sources which are used to play music from your Windows media library, iPod, iTunes, or Internet radio.

The fifth source allows you to connect an external music source. Simply connect the audio from your XM or Sirius tuner, FM/AM tuner, satelittle receiver, cable box or other audio device to the connector labeled L1 IN at the top of the rear bracket. You can control your external music source using the built-in IR output on the XLI card.

Need more than six rooms?
Then the CasaTunes XLe is for you
Based on the same PCI-e design, but configured with a different bracket and one or more rack mountable break-out boxes, the CasaTunes XLe can support up to 48 rooms!

The CasaTunes XLe provides:

Five built-in music sources
Support for four external sources
IR control of your external sources
1U height rack mountable (or stackable) break-out boxes, each supporting 12 rooms
Ability to add up to three additional break-out boxes
Up to 5 Trigger Out/3 Trigger In for controlling access to shared speakers, home theater integration, and integration with doorbell and paging systems is offline   Reply With Quote