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Default Universal player - Multi-channel HDMI question - MY 1ST POST!

I am reaching out here because I am inexperienced in this matter and am hoping for a lesson. I have a Denon Universal 3900 and an Anthem Statement D1 preamp AND the upgrade bug.

I want to replace these two pieces with a high end processor and a universal player that can do all the multichannel formats without the old 6 analog cable connection. In other words - HDMI probably.

I have a pretty decent budget up to about $15,000 for the two pieces and I don't mind buying clean used pieces on A-Gon so there should be quite a few good choices.

I don't know how to get started with this research. Multiple internet searches turn up one solution or another but without any baseline for comparison and without my understanding of the pros and cons.

I also don't know how to get really good D/A conversion accomplished. Do I just rely on the D/A convertors in the preamp? Do I run HDMI into an HDMI capable D/A convertor (if such a thing even exists)??

I am really confused on this whole mess of how to do multi channel digital well. Can I get some help here please?


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