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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

Originally Posted by wes View Post
Sorry did you do the comparison?
I did. With all other things exactly the same, and swapping only the processors and matching settings and levels, the Classe SSP-600 (to say nothing of the 800) playing standard DD & DTS smoked the Integra playing back True HD and DTS-HD. And again, as the Classe does not have EQ, I did not engage the Audyssey. It was a straight up comparison of the two.

Now a post or so later, there was some banter about the EQ in the new SSP-800. Here's the thing. With any auto-EQ, there's a chance that it might get something wrong, and as an end-user, you have no way of measuring it to really know. Classe's take was that by making a high-quality parametric equalizer a function to be done by someone with the equipment to measure the room and set the EQ manually, you ensure a good result. Also, who's kidding who, if one can afford an $8,000 processor, they're not sweating another $500 or so to make sure the EQ has been professionally set up. Granted this is more hassle and work, so no arguments on that front.
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