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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

Originally Posted by faberryman View Post
Part of it may have to do with licensing fees as well.
Well, with regard to Audyssey, that could not have been a factor in Classe's case. If Onkyo can afford it in their $1,000 avr's, Classe should have had no problem on a much higher margin product. No, I think it's a marketing decision driven by Classe's need to differentiate themselves from the others. They did not just want to be to the casual observer a more expensive Denon, Marantz, Nad, Onkyo or Integra. It's a shame. Since I believe good EQ like Audyssey can improve any product (and room/system), good as the 800 may be, it would have been a real killer with Audyssey. But, a lot of high end buyers do not share my enthusiasm for EQ. EQ has a bad name going back to analog EQ. A lot of people just do not know that the DSP-based EQ in Audyssey or ARC is an entirely new ball game. It works extremely well.

Don't forget Trinnov EQ is waiting in the wings. They have European roots and excellent acceptance among European and some American audio pros. Sherwood will be bringing out an AVR with a consumer-grade version of it. Maybe that's not a great place to start, but we might start to see it in higher end Euro gear.
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